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Experience the SunBuster® Difference

The XCel XChg


Literally an eyesaver, the SunBuster state-of-the-science, multi-layer SolaRex lenses block 100% of UVA/UVB rays. They are like safety belts for the eyes; high-impact multi-layer polycarbonate.

Maximum shatterproof protection. All lenses meet or exceed American National Standards Institute's (ANSI) standards.

Find the lens color that's right for you. Click here to see our lens chart.

Prevent eye-fatigue. Improper protection from unrelenting sunshine will almost inevitably cause faulty or distorted visual acuity and perception.


The brain reads what the eyes see. If that vision is distorted in any way, the brain's interpretation of reality will also be distorted. That's why things aren't always as they appear.

SunBuster's special and exclusive SolaRex lenses make seeing things as they really are a reality.

A SunBuster® exclusive is the SportsCorrect, ColorCorrect lens system; lenses optically cut and color-designed for specific sports activities. Maximizes visual acuity and performance. These are: The GolfCorrect lens, The ShootCorrect lens (Competition Shooting and Hunting), The SportsCorrect system is available in most SunBuster® sunglasses.

Another SunBuster® exclusive is the PolarTech lens; an injected "sandwich" style polarization not inferior stamped polarization. The most advanced polarization technology available for extraordinary color definition, depth perception and glare reduction. Vivid separation in shadows and bright, reflective light. Ideal for driving, fishing, skiing or on the beach. Available in several SunBuster® models.

Also available as an interchangeable lens options - the exclusive PuttReaders lens; the lens that can literally cut strokes off a golfer's score. Fits XXXCel XChg, Xcel XChg and Fuzzy models.


No distracting slipping or pinching. The patent-pending Xpandr temple-arms expand to fit virtually all head sizes with absolute, slipless comfort.

No distracting sun spots or kicks. All SolaRex lenses have either a special Flash-Mirror (F/M) or Anti-Reflective (A/R) coating to deflect sun spots, streaks or kicks.

Flash-Mirroring is a coating on the outside of the lens to deflect direct sun flashes. It can be either gradient or full lens.

Anti-Reflective is a coating inside the lens to prevent peripheral sunlight reflecting back into the eyes.

No distracting raindrops. A permanent, super anti-fog and water repellant treatment called AquaPel prevents fog or rain from clinging to or streaking the lens.

Scratch resistant S-Gard, a SunBuster® special coating, keeps annoying and distracting scratches out of sight.

No ill-fitting sizing. A choice of lens size for any XChg frame.

Large Cut: Deep, wing wrap lens. Ideal for large featured faces or large or medium head size.

Small Cut: Shallower lens. Ideal for smaller featured faces or medium or small head size.

Nothing to distract the eyes; no frame imbalance, no frame slippage, no weight pull, no peripheral or bottom lens interference.

Believing Is Seeing


Voted in the Top 6 Sunglasses
by Golf Digest


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ING Industry Honors Winner


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